IT Manager

Technology meets practice

As an IT Manager you are a reliable problem solver for all the companies within the WALTER GROUP. Depending on the task, you contribute to the development and operation of new software and the necessary infrastructure. Specifically, we are talking about tools for the efficient cooperation between our employees and end customers. A highly practical and extremely diverse task that requires practitioners and go-getters from various IT disciplines. For experts who want to work with both proven and leading-edge technologies in our heterogeneous software world. Some keywords for this: Docker, Kubernetes, Self-Contained-Components, Continous Delivery, AS/400, MongoDB, Kafka.

For beginners and experienced professionals

You can start the adventure as an IT Manager in the WALTER GROUP from different starting points. For example, from a university, college, vocational school or HTL with an informatics specialisation. But also of course as an experienced expert coming from another company. The following applies in both cases:

  • At the beginning, you will complete several weeks of training in the operative business (e.g. at LKW WALTER or CONTAINEX) and you will then take an introductory tour in order to become acquainted with our entire IT department. Because despite highly specialised division of labour, it is ultimately about personal cooperation.
  • For your further qualification and specialisation with us, there is no standard route. Instead, with our support, we offer you the opportunity to develop individually according to the your work area and your interests.

Find your specialisation!

Our tasks for IT Managers are as diverse as the WALTER GROUP. The following professional challenges are intended as a selection with a focus on those areas where we can always offer exciting tasks and challenges! Choose your own route!

Requirements Manager
...connect the requirements of the operative business to the world of IT. They analyse and sort various practical requirements, translate them into IT - language and are responsible for the technical feasibility. In addition, our requirements managers support the specialist division in implementing the resulting process change.

Project Manager
...are organisationally and technically versed all-rounders, by whom various paths meet. They clear all hurdles out of the way and know that success is only possible through the combination of leadership and team orientation. Whether for business-oriented projects or projects with a technical focus.

Solution architects
...model effective architecture concepts, based on the analysed requirements, which make work easier for colleagues and our end customers and make the business more efficient. They design optimal solutions from existing and new components and are responsible for their technical implementation.

Test Manager
...are those experts who find out what is not working. Sounds paradoxical, but it is the ultimate challenge for lateral and technical testers with a sixth sense for logic. The same applies to specialists in test automation. Their task is to sustainably ensure the quality of the used software and the functioning of the business operations.

Infrastructure Manager
...are sought-after experts who are employed in a wide range of divisions in the WALTER GROUP. From client and server to network and communication to virtualisation and security issues. They are responsible for and design the technical foundation for all IT activities and ensure smooth operation of the basic infrastructure.

Application Manager
...understand the full breadth of the IT and are accustomed to solving problems. Which is why they aren't just technical generalists with well-founded know-how, ranging from software development to infrastructure. They are also people with nerves of steel who take great joy in commmunicating with colleagues and suppliers.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Based on the legal regulations we work 38.5 hours per week. Our working day starts at 8:00 am. However, with the help of our flexitime, you can also start your working day between 7 and 9 am and end your working day earlier or later accordingly. We don't work night shifts and, of course, we enjoy our free time at the weekend. As a full-time employee you are entitled to 5 weeks holiday annually. What's more, the WALTER GROUP gives you the opportunity to work from home as well as 38.5 additional hours of compensatory time-off for the times when you have to work longer.
In addition to public transport, we provide a free shuttle bus service for our Wiener Neudorf employees between Vienna and Wiener Neudorf. The Kufstein site is very central and is perfectly reachable by public transport (bus or train). Those who travel by car can use our free parking spaces (car parks) at both sites.

Performance is a very central aspect in the WALTER GROUP. At the same time, balance, health and a family-like working atmosphere are all very important to us.

  • For a good work-life balance we support sport activities such as beach volleyball, football, running, skiing, tennis and spinning.
  • We promote the health of our employees through non-smoking offices, low-radiation monitors, an optimum indoor climate, large relaxation areas (meeting points and WALTER Park), a doctor who can provide vaccinations in house, and much more.
  • As a family business we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere and a strong team spirit, supported by a strong sense of "we-feeling".
That depends on whether you work in Kufstein or Wiener Neudorf. If the latter, you can enjoy a low-cost staff restaurant with 5 daily menus to choose from. In Kufstein, you can eat in selected restaurants - financially supported by the WALTER GROUP.