Working here

What you can expect here

Working in the WALTER GROUP means becoming part of our big European family. Because your future colleagues come from 41 countries and speak 39 languages. Nevertheless, we speak with one voice. Because several non-negotiable common interests unite us, which we are happy to share with you.
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"Impossible" is not an option

In the WALTER GROUP we see ourselves, first and foremost, as facilitators who get things off the ground. As such, we always deliver top performance, where others absolve themselves from responsibility saying "that's impossible".

Extra miles included

As a European company, we are used to push and exceed the limits. This also applies to personal performance. Meaning, you always go the extra mile with us. Should you ever stumble, you can rely on the help of your team.

Performance pays off

We don't beat around the bush: Money and job security also play an important role. In the WALTER GROUP, the motto is "A good performer should also be able to afford good things." Therefore, you can expect a respectable base salary, a fair split of success in the form of attractive bonuses and the security that only a market leader can offer.

It means something to you

Working in the WALTER GROUP also means having lots of opportunities, being independent and identifying with your task. It means having the freedom to find that something personal that makes your daily work unique to you. Because your job does exactly what you expect of it: it means something to you!

A lot is possible

Nobody in the WALTER GROUP would claim that it is easy with us. But everyone can confirm that a lot is possible. On the one hand, that's down to our open working atmosphere and short decision-making processes. On the other hand, there's lots of room for individual responsibility and individual development, which is open to you within our group of companies.

Professionals also in celebrating

Success is twice as nice when you celebrate it together. You will be surprised how spontaneous, open and flexible we are in doing so. Look forward to our legendary Christmas gala, our summer festival, group outings, various leisure activities such as football, ice hockey and much more.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Based on the legal regulations we work 38.5 hours per week. Our working day starts at 8:00 am. However, with the help of our flexitime, you can also start your working day between 7 and 9 am and end your working day earlier or later accordingly. We don't work night shifts and, of course, we enjoy our free time at the weekend. As a full-time employee you are entitled to 5 weeks holiday annually. What's more, the WALTER GROUP gives you the opportunity to work from home as well as 38.5 additional hours of compensatory time-off for the times when you have to work longer.
A well-groomed and professional appearance is important to us. That means leisure clothing in your free time and a casual business look in the office!

Performance is a very central aspect in the WALTER GROUP. At the same time, balance, health and a family-like working atmosphere are all very important to us.

  • For a good work-life balance we support sport activities such as beach volleyball, football, running, skiing, tennis and spinning.
  • We promote the health of our employees through non-smoking offices, low-radiation monitors, an optimum indoor climate, large relaxation areas (meeting points and WALTER Park), a doctor who can provide vaccinations in house, and much more.
  • As a family business we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere and a strong team spirit, supported by a strong sense of "we-feeling".