Job descriptions & career opportunities

One group. Many ways.

Whatever career decision you make is entirely up to you. But we are happy to show you all the ways you can take within the WALTER GROUP.

Flexibility in your direction

Due to its size and the various industries, the WALTER GROUP offers you a wide variety of career options. Individual opportunities to steer your future career in the direction of your talents and passions. With the support of professionals, you will acquire specialist expertise in order to take on your own area of responsibility and win the race within a short space of time. The direction in which it goes lies entirely in your hands.

In the WALTER GROUP - as a matter of principle - we only fill management positions from within our own ranks. This always creates interesting career opportunities that you can use sooner or later, depending on job vacancies, with your determination and performance. The fact is:

Every employee in top management started as a trainee, was trained as an expert in their field of expertise and then worked hard to gain their management position.

However, we don't just offer you realistic perspectives up, but also sideways. This means that you can change the direction of your career path or completely reorient yourself within the WALTER GROUP. For example:

  • Change within departments
    From Transport Management to Sales Management, from Customer Service to our Marketing, from Division Manager to expert in a Shared Service division. Many things are possible, in almost any direction.

  • Change to another company within the WALTER GROUP
    The WALTER GROUP, with its various companies, offers each individual different and unique opportunities. Choose your path!

  • Change within our company locations
    Kufstein and Wiener Neudorf are only 435 kilometres apart and not a million miles. Because like-minded people work here and there, and together they form the big WALTER family.