Entry & training

Your start with our success programme

The WALTER GROUP is known for preparing new employees to a high standard for their future tasks. From day one we completely integrate you into the team and daily business, immediately considering and treating you as a fully fledged member of the WALTER GROUP. We see you as someone who dives in head first and gets stuck into their tasks without hesitation. However we don't just throw you in the deep end; our ongoing training & coaching is an extremely important part of our trainee programme.

Perfect preparation for the young professional

After completing your education at university or secondary school, you are now taking your first steps into real business. Now is the time for training on the job, for joining in the conversation, the work and the decisions. And for a multitude of subject-specific seminars and workshops as part of our trainee programme, which lasts several months and turns any newcomer into a professional.

"Train the Winner" is about the decisive last mile. To find that place in the WALTER GROUP that best suits your talents, under the supervision of your own coach. So that you, as a young professional, are soon responsible for your personal field of work and, depending on your position, can take on the following tasks, for example:

  • independently travel to your markets
  • acquire and oversee business partners
  • actively participate in the development of our more than 170 logistics divisions
  • further optimise our existing systems or develop new ones in the Shared Service division
  • and much more

Languages are a key to success

The WALTER GROUP operates internationally throughout Europe. Although German is our company language, we communicate with our business partners in their native language. Which is why language skills are not just important from the beginning, but are specifically promoted within our company:

  • In individual training and group courses, you can learn a new language or improve existing language skills.
  • With language training in various European cities (e.g. St. Petersburg, Krakow, Lisbon or Malaga) you'll polish your skills.

Frequently asked questions and answers

With pleasure! If you are currently attending a vocational secondary school or if you are a student at university or college, you can apply for a summer internship or an internship lasting multiple months. After that, you will know exactly what your dream job in the WALTER GROUP might be.

Very good ones! In the WALTER GROUP you have every opportunity to start your career. If you come from an educational institute with an economic, linguistic or even technical focus, you can immediately and directly join our business. You can join without industry knowledge in the context of an intensive trainee programme which we call "Train the Winner".

Accompanied by your own coach, you will improve your professional and social skills and continuously grow into your future roles. Because the WALTER GROUP is constantly and sustainably growing, new career opportunities always arise.

Please note that the WALTER GROUP fills almost all management positions from its own ranks.

Our vacancies are primarily directed towards graduates from vocational schools and academies, universities of applied sciences and universities with a focus on economy, languages and technology. So you don't need any specialised knowledge. We impart the necessary know-how for your professional success in our "Train the Winner" trainee programme for newcomers.
There are no fixed start dates. The trainee programme is individually tailored to you and starts immediately after you join the WALTER GROUP. It comprises solid basic training and in-depth specialist training according to your future job assignment.