Further education at the WALTER ACADEMY


Further education made for you

Educating yourself is like swimming against the current. Anyone who stops with it gradually drifts away. The WALTER GROUP together with the WALTER ACADEMY doesn't give you wings but flippers to make faster progress. You can look forward to a varied and customised education programme to further promote your strengths, develop your individual abilities and discover new talents.

However the WALTER ACADEMY, beautifully situated in the former home of the founding family, offers much more than a rigorous training programme. In fact, it is also an expression of our company culture. The primary keys to its success are based on quality training, custom-made learning and social skills.

In addition, the WALTER ACADEMY is also a place to come together, discuss and come up with new ideas. Finally we seize this opportunity to urge you to never stop discovering and improving your skills.

Beyond that, the WALTER ACADEMY is:

  • The foundation for staff development, where you attend selected training courses, seminars and special events depending on your career direction.
  • The individual next step following the trainee programme, in which you have become a professional after school or university.
  • The perfect setting to get to know our philosophy and see it happen in day to day business.
  • The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the WALTER GROUP, which combines past and future in a exciting way.
"Leadership means leading by example and being a good teacher", our company founder once said. The WALTER ACADEMY invites you to get to know our values and constantly expand your knowledge, so that you may later pass them on to future generations of employees.
Franz Krauter - Company founder

Languages are a key to success

The WALTER GROUP operates internationally throughout Europe. Although German is our company language, we communicate with our business partners in their native language. Which is why language skills are not just important from the beginning, but are specifically promoted within our company:

  • In individual training and group courses, you can learn a new language or improve existing language skills.
  • With language training in various European cities (e.g. St. Petersburg, Krakow, Lisbon or Malaga) you'll polish your skills.