How well do I fit in with the WALTER GROUP? Get the answers from our Cultural-Fitting!

Based on 5 questions we determine where and how closely your values match ours.

How well do I fit in with the WALTER GROUP?

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You arrive on time at your best friend's birthday party and notice that it is not yet ready. What do you do?

You're on holiday and you see lots of people playing on the beach volleyball court who speak different languages. You want to play with them. What do you do?

While working on a project, you notice that a team member is struggling with his assignment. What do you do?

You have invited some friends for dinner. Among them are both vegans and those with allergies. What do you do?

You have a really good idea for a start-up. What do you do?

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The first impression can be deceiving! It seems like our values don't quite match. Take a look at the people who work in the WALTER GROUP. Maybe you'll find yourself again. This has potential! Our values overlap in many ways. Take a look at the people who work in the WALTER GROUP and which characters we're looking for. Birds of a feather flock together! We're similar in so many ways and should get to know one another better! Take a look at our vacancies. What are you waiting for? We're made for each other! Your values match ours. We look forward to receiving your application. You can find our vacancies here.

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