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Krzysztof Adamczuk
Krzysztof Adamczuk +43 2236 606-3081
Dominik Keller
Dominik Keller +43 2236 606-2331
Thomas Denkinger
Thomas Denkinger +43 2236 606-2422
Jan Ehrenreich
Jan Ehrenreich +43 2236 606-2377
Karl Hochreiter
Karl Hochreiter +43 2236 606-2938
Anna Polzhofer
Anna Polzhofer +43 2236 606-2288
Sabine Velich
Sabine Velich +43 2236 606-2109
Gabriele Vollnhofer
Gabriele Vollnhofer +43 2236 606-2247
Claudia Walther-Pigel
Claudia Walther-Pigel +43 2236 606-2204

Application management

Dominik Keller
Dominik Keller +43 2236 606-2331
Petra Plank
Petra Plank +43 2236 606-2073
Melanie Schmid
Melanie Schmid +43 2236 606-2280
Anna Walisch
Anna Walisch +43 2236 606-2205

Recruiting team

Ciara Drechsler
Ciara Drechsler +43 2236 606-4021
Martina Daum
Martina Daum +43 2236 606-4202
Gerhard Gigler
Gerhard Gigler +43 2236 606-4220
Andreas Hausewirth
Andreas Hausewirth +43 2236 606-4175

Application management

Petra Koller
Petra Koller +43 2236 606-4204
Gabriele Lenzhofer
Gabriele Lenzhofer +43 2236 606-4162

Frequently asked questions and answers

In our employment opportunities each advert has a link that takes you to the online application form. Please fill it out and send it together with your application documents. Immediately afterwards, you will receive an e-mail. It confirms that we have received your application. Then it takes a maximum of 14 days for you to recieve a message from us about the result of your application. If it is positive, the next steps are:

  1. First "getting to know you" interview by phone or Skype.
  2. Face to face interview with one of our recruiters.
  3. Possible second appointment with the head of a specialist department for certain specific positions.

We will inform you of the final result of your application by e-mail or phone. If you want information about your application status in the meantime, our HR manager will be happy to help you.

For us, that goes without saying. If you have successfully completed step 1 of the application process (telephone or Skype interview), we will invite you to Wiener Neudorf or Kufstein, at our expense, for a face to face interview.
With pleasure! If you are currently attending a vocational secondary school or if you are a student at university or college, you can apply for a summer internship or an internship lasting multiple months. After that, you will know exactly what your dream job in the WALTER GROUP might be.

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