"Good performances are rewarded both financially and on a personal level."

Anna B., Division Sales Manager with language skills

When Anna applied to LKW WALTER in 2014, after her business studies in Verona, she was worried: "Will my knowledge of German be good enough?" - Luckily for Anna, for LKW WALTER and for the entire WALTER GROUP, her vocabulary was very impressive even back then.

In fact, today Anna speaks German better than all other languages that she has learned. That's saying something, because she is also fluent in French and English. With her linguistic skills and her determination, she worked her way up to Division Sales Manager within a few years. "I'm something like a combination of Transport Manager and saleswoman. In other words, I acquire new customers, oversee existing customers and visit them in person, negotiate prices and much more."

What Anna particularly likes, in addition to the variety and freedom at LKW WALTER, is how appreciation is shown."Good performances are rewarded both financially and on a personal level. So you get double recognition, which I find very motivating."
"I'm something like a combination of Transport Manager and saleswoman."

Anna's personal recommendation:

When I joined the company, I was a little concerned about my language skills. Luckily, my German was good enough from the start and I was able to attend a free course to improve my French. So my advice to anyone who doubts their language skills: Apply anyway!

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Frequently asked questions and answers

Very good ones! In the WALTER GROUP you have every opportunity to start your career. If you come from an educational institute with an economic, linguistic or even technical focus, you can immediately and directly join our business. You can join without industry knowledge in the context of an intensive trainee programme which we call "Train the Winner".

Accompanied by your own coach, you will improve your professional and social skills and continuously grow into your future roles. Because the WALTER GROUP is constantly and sustainably growing, new career opportunities always arise.
Generally professional experience or industry knowledge are not necessary for entry into our operational business. Because we educate new employees as part of our "Train the Winner" trainee programme and we cover both theory and practice. However, there are some areas in which we greatly appreciate relevant experience and previous knowledge. For example, in our IT, Legal or Sales departments, where we can offer (young) professionals attractive career opportunities. Our recommendation: Just take a look at our employment opportunities.
The classic apprenticeships such as freight forwarding manager or office clerk are not offered in our company.

In our employment opportunities each advert has a link that takes you to the online application form. Please fill it out and send it together with your application documents. Immediately afterwards, you will receive an e-mail. It confirms that we have received your application. Then it takes a maximum of 14 days for you to recieve a message from us about the result of your application. If it is positive, the next steps are:

  1. First "getting to know you" interview by phone or Skype.
  2. Face to face interview with one of our recruiters.
  3. Possible second appointment with the head of a specialist department for certain specific positions.

We will inform you of the final result of your application by e-mail or phone. If you want information about your application status in the meantime, our HR manager will be happy to help you.

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